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What we accomplish so far in our Community

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Staff member
Hello guys. I`m glad to announce what we/(I) accomplish so far (in just 2 weeks, from the time we start/buy the domain name).
First of all, like any owner of a game community, I hope this will start to be a great one. That to be said, lets start!

We add a Portal on our front page.
Basic Features of Portal:​
  • Promote threads on community into an articles index
  • Promote threads on community into a feature slider
  • Define specific users as "authors" with their own byline (Don`t forget to send me a private message to set "author" info for you!
Note: Some of the threads on our community will auto promote the post like articles!

We add a Store (SHOP) in our community.
Basic Features of Store:​
  • Selling digital and physical product. (For the moment we focus just in digital product selling).
  • Buying digital or physical product. (For the moment we focus just in digital product).
  • We will/and provide 24h DELIVERY !
Note: We don't accept return policy because, like I said, we sell just digital product for the moment! Digital product will be delivered to your private message.

We add a Donate (button) in our community.
Basic Features of Donate:​
  • We could not run this website without the continued help from our membership. Our server costs, designs, coding, software license fees, and new features can be quite expensive and it's difficult shouldering the costs alone.
Note: Site donations are non-refundable. Donations do not entitle any member to immunity from all site rules and policies.
Note: By donating you are not buying a product. It is considered a donation.

We will add a Award System.
Basic Features of Award System: [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]​

In future, I will post here the accomplish of our Community. Thank you guy for the time you take to read this.

UPGRADE!!! - 05/01/2020

∆ We add a General Discussions area in our community.
Basic Features of General Discussion:
  • That area is designed for our members to post anything in there. Anything they heart desires can be posted there (assuming, there's not already a different area for it).
I was think to change the delivery time for digital good to 24h DELIVERY. That`s because I won`t be online every hour, but I promise, at least few time per day I will check the community and the store.

UPGRADE!!! - 07-08/01/2020

∆ Major facelift (style) upgrade. All changes what you see now on community was made by Nulumia. ( )
  • Setup article front-page width slider, widgets, articles with image headers
  • Added featured trailer widget, simply drop in new HTML embed/iframe code into the widget to change the trailer
  • Added recent articles widget to the forum list
  • Added several sample articles with 16:9 banner.
  • Fixed up STORE product grid so it's much more flexible and responsive :)
Note: All those changes was made by Nulumia. Now let me tell you guys what Nulumia is. This community run Xenforo platform, and Nulumia is a provider of high-quality digital products, such as themes, templates and plugins for Xenforo platform. They also offer a range of custom services from ecommerce, marketing, and SEO development. They had a HUGE Portfolio.

UPGRADE!!! - 20-21/01/2020

∆ Install a new gaming related style from
Nulumia. The style name is Modern Gamer.
Note: I will love to see some
Suggestions about the community.
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